Why You Must Visit Bangkok and Pattaya This Year

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Looking for the best attractions of Bangkok and Pattaya? If yes, then you have clicked to the right page. Here we are going to provide you with the 10 reasons to visit Bangkok and Pattaya this year. Bangkok and Pattaya packages have a jam-packed entertainment for you, no matter you are visiting these two beautiful cities of Thailand with family or friends. The major aspects which attract most of the tourists are:

1. Shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market

Shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the most amazing things to do in Bangkok. This great weekend market is spread over an area of 35 acres with 8000 stalls fitted into it. All the different varieties stuff from all over the world is available in the Chatuchak Weekend Market. So, if you are planning your weekend at the Chatuchak Weekend Market, don’t forget to get your purse full.

2. Visit the Temple of Dawn – Wat Arun

Wat Arun is one the most fascinating temples to visit in Bangkok. This Temple of Dawn is situated at the banks of Chao Phraya River and just in the opposite of The Grand Palace. This temple brings to you a whole new type of sculpture which you won’t find anywhere else in the whole of Bangkok. So, spend quality time with your loved ones by visiting Wat Arun.

3. Feel Fresh and Relax with the Thai Massage

Undergoing a Thai Massage in the middle of the tour restores the energy and freshness in you, that is why it is suggested to have at least one Thai Massage session during the Thailand vacations. Apart from relieving the body from stress and fatigue, the Thai Massage also imposes a number of health benefits. Believe us, after the session of an hour or two of Thai Massage, you will have a nap better than you ever had before.

4. The Grand Palace – Home of Thai King

The Grand Palace was once the home of the Thai King, but currently, it is open to the from tourist to inspect ancient Thailand. This great monument was built in the year 1782. Also, at this place, you get to explore the beauty of “Temple of the Emerald Buddha”. Now, coming to the features of The Grand Palace. Here, you will get have a sight of the longest wall painting in the world, gold-plated walls, sculptures, and beautiful gardens.

5. 4D Movie in Bangkok

Enjoy the luxury of being in Bangkok by watching a movie in 4D movie theatres. Get your seats booked with pillows and blankets and enjoy the movie with your loved ones. Also, the ticket fare of movies is the same as of in the US and Canada but what is to concern is that you are hanging around a 4D movie.

6. A Nightlife Which Never Gets Tired

Bangkok offers one of the most fascinating nightlife which is just incomparable. The nightlife of Bangkok has something for all, the one who loves to have drinks in peace can have swanky drinks in a sky bar or visit the happening nightclubs of Bangkok or go the restaurants to taste the delicious cuisines of Thailand. If anyone wants to have all these things at one place then Sukhumvit is the perfect address for you.

7. Whole Thailand at One Place – Pattaya Floating Market

One of the prime and crowded destinations for tourist in Pattaya is the Pattaya Floating Market. The whole of Pattaya Floating Market is dividing into four main sections comprising of stuff from all over Thailand. The influential attractions of Pattaya Floating Market are the Thai food and handcrafts.

8. The charm of Cabaret Shows

A number of talented performs will entertain you at the Cabaret Show in Pattaya. Get to enjoy and witness the mesmerizing dance routines, comedy sets, and dramatic songs at this show. So, be ready at 19:30 hrs for the charm of Cabaret Show. Keep in mind that if you are visiting with your family then don’t miss the ladyboy cabaret show. Make the best of the evening in Pattaya and capture some shots of the evening for the lifelong remembrance.

9. Sanctuary of Truth – The Wood Temple

At the shore of the Laem Ratchawat, amaze the eyes with the beauty of Sanctuary of Truth. This magnificent and major attraction of Pattaya is made up of wood and is the humanized version of the seven creators i.e mother, father, sun, earth, moon, stars, and heaven. So, if you are planning to have a vacation in Pattaya, then include this place in your sights to visit in Pattaya.

10. Nightlife in Pattaya

The nightlife of Pattaya is one of those reasons which single-handedly attracts a number of users every year. There are many crazy party lover who visits Pattaya in the evening, enjoys the charm of Pattaya’s nightlife and leaves the city by next morning. Have fun in the night parties at Pattaya, shop in the malls, dance and drink in the pubs, and eat in the restaurants, you can do anything, it’s all up to you.

These are the 10 reasons to visit Bangkok and Pattaya this year. Hope you had a great time while reading this content. Thanks for reading.

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