This Rainy Season Taste Your Buds with Spicy & Tempting Foods

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In monsoon season, the craving of spicy and foods increase automatically. During the heavy raining, our heart feels only two things, one is romance and other is delicious food. Isn’t, right? The climate of the rainy season is not too cold as winter and not too hot like summer. It is the best season, after all.

Monsoon makes you to crave a variety of mouth-watering food items. Nobody knows the reason behind it but really a big thanks to beautiful climate. Let’s have a look at some different food that can be relished in the rainy season and to satisfy your hunger!




I love Samosa! Well, it is a crunchy and droll-worthy item that one craves, this monsoon. Gone those days, when people had only potato samosa in their list, nowadays you can choose from varieties of special samosas. So, pick your favourite one. To make it tastier, don’t forget to take fried chilies and spicy chutney along with samosa.


Cutting Chai


What could be better than sitting on the roof with your loved ones and enjoying raindrop, with a cup of masala tea in hand? The combination of chai and rain is to make your mood feel good. The typical masala can beat all others if it comes to the monsoon even you are standing on the streets.


Bhutta (Corn)


If you like or don’t like spicy food, just grab the hot bhutta. It’s tastes even better with your friends while sitting in open. What’s make it tasty, some tangy masala, salt, lemon juice, red chill combined all the flavours.  The feel of eating hot bhutta in rain is out of the world experience.




Aaha! The appetizing pakoras and a cup of tea is the perfect combination in the rainy season. The feeling of having yummy bhajiyas or pakoras on the street side makes the city in heaven. You can taste spicy fried chilies with chutneys to make your overall experience mind-blowing.




This typical Mumbai snack is now available in every metro city. The buttery paav with potato bunda is perfect combination while enjoying monsoon. It tastes even better when served with spicy chutneys and green chilies. It completely gives the all-round spicy feeling.


Roasted Chicken Tikka


For those who love non-veg, the crunchy roasted chicken with onion is the perfect crave-buster, this monsoon. Roasted chicken with mint sauce, isn’t the best thing?


Aloo Paratha


Crispy aloo paratha with cool curd and some sour pickle are the deadly combination of the meal to eat in this rainy season. The hot aloo paratha gives you a satisfying and contrasting flavor. Aloo paratha is my all-time favorite food.




In this monsoon, you need a bowl of hot soup whether clear or vegetable soup. This rainy season not only comes with happiness but brings lots of viruses and flues in the air. A healthy soup will work for both purposes to keep those flues away and please your warm taste buds as well.

Enjoy rainy season!!

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