These Celebrities Photos Prove How Eyebrow Can Change Your Entire Face

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The eyebrows are the keeper of expression on our face. Thick, bold and lovely brows have taken courtesy of famous faces ever. We all have had eyebrows drama. So many celebrities gave the statement that their major beauty regrets are about the eyebrows.

Especially, not taking perfect care of them- whether that includes not tweezing or over-tweezing enough. Here is the list of celebrities that have changed their eyebrows and the results are very shocking!!

Please have a look!


Gwen Stefani



Kim Kardashian



Angelina Jolie



Christina Aguilera



Kylie Jenner



Miley Cyrus



Jennifer Aniston



Kate Wisnlet






Kate Hudson



Victoria Beckham



Kerry Washington



Charlize Theron



Gwyneth Paltrow



Jessica Alba



Julia Roberts



Jennifer Lopez






Salma Hayek





Isn’t shocking?


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