Sizzling Rain Dance of Hina Panchal on “Tip Tip Barsa Paani”

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Actress Hina Panchal’ rain dance video is going viral these days. In video, you can see sexy rain dance of Hina Panchal on most popular song “Tip Tip Barsa Paani”. She seems to dance on her own terrace.

See her sizzling dance here!



For your information, I want to tell, Hina is a Bollywood actress and people called her carbon copy of most beautiful actress Malaika Arora.



No doubt, Hina is looking very hot while dancing in rain. Timely rain turned her dance even more searing. Her dance video is going viral and people like it. She got wet in the rain and looked sensuous. You can clearly see her matching features from Malaika Arora.



Hina has done sever item songs in the films. Her main dances are “Bevda-Bevda, Hukka in Mohalla, Raju O Raju, Bebo-Bebo, Takkam-Tummak and Balam Bombay. More so, Hina Panchal is also known for Tamil and Telugu films. Her some films are Twist in Life, Miss Tanakpur, Dufrah, Lodday, Yagavarinam Na Kakka and Ratan Manjari.



Isn’t her dance sexy?

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