Secrets Interior Design Tips to Make Your Living Room More Stylish

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Moved into a new apartment or planning a home makeover, here is a compilation of tips that can give a new look to your home. Instead of paying megabucks to the interior designers, you can apply these ideas and get a revamp with minimum effort and expenditure.  With the help of these small yet effective changes, you can cleverly add warmth and space to your living room.


So, scroll down and check out the top interior design tips for decorating the living room


  • If your living room space is small, you can paint it in lighter shades. It will make the room appear bigger and there will be lighter. Also, with the correct placement of mirror decoration on the walls, you can add the effect of optical illusion. It helps in making the room look quite large and with the clever placement of lights, you can add wonders.



  • In the process of the home makeover, do not throw away just everything. You can blend the old with the new and come up with a great design. There can be many furniture pieces, rugs or antique decorative items that you already have. All you have to do is just use both old and new ones to create an attractive pattern that is clearly visible. It becomes an inexpensive deal when you use the old stuff and buy few essential modern items to recreate the decoration of living room. Invest in things that are cheap in cost but are useful. For example, you can use the baskets or wooden crates for storage. It gives the warmth and adds space to the living room while you can keep books, magazines or other such things in it.


  • Use planters to add life to the living room, you can choose according to the theme of your room and the size. If the living room is large you can have a big planter and if the room is small you can use the smaller ones. It not only looks beautiful but makes the room look fresh, clears the harmful gases and it smells great. These days there are hanging pots available, you can use the area near windows to add a rack of such hanging pots and space will look very attractive. It is very affordable to decorate interior designs with plants and is also a wonderful way to enjoy a green surrounding.



  • Change the color of the furniture, if you don’t have the budget to buy new furniture. These days, bright and popping colors of furniture are popular. So if you have boring and dull shades on your bookshelves, tables and any other furniture that you want to get rid of, instead of throwing it away, paint it. This will give an instant change of appearance to your furniture and you will love it for sure. Painting furniture is affordable, easy and it helps in revamping the entire look of a room.


  • Use rugs to give a warm and pleasant look to your living room. Since the living room is a place where you spend most of your times with friends and family having rugs give a beautiful appearance and it makes the living room invite you with the comfortable vibes. You can either go in for rugs matching your furniture, fabrics or wall colors or in contrast. You can also change the rugs according to season or decor of your living room. Floors without rugs look blank and boring, with the help of various patterns and colors, you can easily create a new look for the living room.



  • Have furniture that is comfortable and has enough space for gatherings. The living room is that part of your home where you will sit with family and friends for chitchats, fun, laughter and you will also watch television or read books, so it is a must that you have the comfortable sitting arrangement and enough space for people. If you don’t want to buy a new sofa, you can change the colors and patterns of your cushions and pillows. That will give a new look to the sofa and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on buying the cushions.


  • For decoration, you can use various combination of old and new things. A lamp in the corner, some candles, antiques, wall decoration and things which are matching the decor of your living room can make it look great. You don’t have to overdo it or just stuff everything in one part of the living room. Just place the decorative according to a pattern. It will make the place look neat and attractive. Also, you can get little creative and use things like tea cart, old luggage, storage trunks etc to add a personal and captivating look.

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