Life On Land Is Dry Without Sea Foods! Have Pleasure of Sea On Your Plate

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Buying seafood online is never easy which related to check all the process throughout it. Nowadays there is plenty of time taking process to get a good piece of fish chopped, nor the expertise. No worries select the best right piece online to store in containers at the right piece and waiting for it to be cleaned and sliced. Simple you can buy fresh seafood online like Pomfret fish, prawns and all types of raw and cooked seafood as well as expect timely home delivery.


Whole Indian Salmon from Pescafresh


Salmon from Pescafresh is the common name of Ray fish which is family Salmonidae, to buy online the whole Indian Salmon online you will get a single chunk of meat which is good to taste. On buying online you will get 1 kilo of Whole Indian Salmon, with filtering of skinless. Also, you can get an approximate of 500 grams of meat which includes head, bones, gills, fins and intestinal parts.


Dry Ribbon Fish

Dry Ribbon Fish where packed extremely with omega 3 fatty acids which they can help you boost up cardiovascular for the health to reduce the inflammation for the best product. Dry Ribbon Fish is naturally nutrient-dense fish and it was available in several sizes and varieties and you can mix in all types of vegetables. The Dry Fish delivers for all varieties of the fish as per the customer’s demands in various specifications which makes more popular for making Vaalu Karuvadu, a type of fish fry.


Rohu-Bengali from Licious


Rohu-Bengali from Licious which is silver coloured fish. It is considered to be rich a source with various proteins with salt water fish. It was a big deal which has to be considered to be a rich source of vitamin C. And it was mainly essential with good health process of boosting your immunity.


Whole Pink Salmon from Pescafresh


Pink Salmon From Pescafresh which is lower for the fat content to get reduce with more effects of various delicious items for lower content which is most other types of salmon. If you buy 1 kilo of whole pink salmon then you can one get approximately 600 grams of meat. Then reaming 400 grams is a waste of acts which it includes head, bones, gills, fish and intestinal parts.


Basa – Fillet Platinum from Licious


Basa is the spices seafood to make catfish with various items. It is the type of fish which was lab bleed in North America and Australia as ‘basa fish’. Basa is a very healthy addition to come yet your diet and also reduce with different methods of cooking will alter its nutritional characteristics.


Tuna Flakes from Oceans Secret


Tuna Flakes is a chunk to make deals with various mechanically with good source of omega 3, selenium, niacin and vitamin B6 and B12. They are similarly made up of tuna chunks which can be used in various rice items like salads and soups. In Japan, dried tuna flakes are known as Bonito. Tuna Flakes are very tasty with spicy.

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