Let’s Have Some Hair Coloring Tips & Hacks No One Ever Told You

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As we all know that, Salon can be expensive especially if you are looking to hair colored. But thanks to these at-home hair color tips and tricks; you have to DIY your way to the hair color look.  Maybe the idea of coloring hair at home can be quite overwhelming, mostly if you have never done it before. Although, you don’t need to worry about! Just follow these simple hair coloring hacks and really your hair coloring dream will go by like an air.


Don’t Trust Pretty Lady on the Box

Indeed, the lady smiling on the front of the box looks adorable, but the color of her hair is an illusion. This is the obvious mistake that we do when it comes to choosing hair color. Usually, people go by the hair color of the women on the front of the box. You will be wondered to know that most probably your hair color will turn out lighter than hers. A perfect estimate on hair color is the chart on the top of the box, where you can get final color from a wide variety of different hair-color shades.


Buy Two Boxes


If your hair is past your shoulder and dry then make sure to use two boxes of the same shade to get full coverage. Just keep in mind that to mix colors in a plastic bowl or glass.


Know When to Go Lighter – Or Darker

The simple rule “Ionato” is: For permanent dye, select a color little bit darker than what you want just because of the strong developer.  Semi-permanent formulas don’t have a developer; means they get darker and darker if you leave them in your hair for a long time. So, that it’s safer to decide a color that’s a smidge lighter form get-go!


Proper Sectioning


It is a key to section your hairs properly when coloring your hair to avert final looks from turning out patchy. The simple and best way to section your hairs is parting it vertically from the center of the forehead and then horizontally from one ear to another. It will make your hair into four equal portions. After that, you can start coloring your hair from the back of your head to the way of the front.


Shampoo + Color for Dry Ends


As dry ends absorb color very fast, therefore leave them out while applying dye to the rest hair, but keep some color in the bowl. Now add two squirts of shampoo to the color and apply it before three minutes before hair wash. Surely, it will give them a shine and bust of color!


Don’t Skip the Conditioner

Believe me, there are some reasons why you should not avoid the conditioning after dying your hair. The first one is, it moisturizes your hair after hair dye and secondly, it shuts the hair cuticles that the color had opened to seep into your hair shaft. Hence, it stops your color from getting darker than your selected shade.


Toothbrush for Highlights


A good way to give yourself some highlights is to dye color on small sections of your hair with the help of a toothbrush. The bristles of toothbrush make a subtle and application of color as well. The highlights blend better with natural hair color, if it has done in this way.


Some More Tips & Hacks for Hair Coloring

  • Condition your ends before rinsing out your root touch up
  • Add water and massage
  • Apply dye to root first
  • Use two mirrors
  • Wear gloves while washing color off
  • Don’t dye the ends when redyeing
  • Eye shadows for root touch-up
  • Apply coconut oil before swimming
  • Olive oil and toothpaste to remove dye stains from skin
  • Don’t use spoons and metal bowls

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