Enjoy the Best Fish Fry in Delhi

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Practically every one of us have eaten this at a restaurant, at home or even in the streets. Let me take you back to the authentic street food king that is ruling the heart of Bengalis ever since they know about it. Fish Fry is the flag-bearer of street food in Kolkata. Like how many of you are aware of the secret of perfect crispy breaded Fish Fry? We are not talking about the ordinary Fish Steaks fried in mustard oil. We are talking about the Fish Fillets, marinated with spices, dipped into a thick batter, coated with bread crumbs and deep fried. Usually this famous evening time snack is brought from the snacks shop, when guests visit our house. But nowadays everything is available in the local market, so we do not have to depend on the Snack shop for this “Fish Fry”. Kolkata is very much famous for their street food. There are lots of street food like Egg Roll, Chicken Roll, Chicken Cutlet, Chow Mein, Mughlai Paratha and the ultimate Bengali Crispy Fish Fry.  

 The iconic fish-fry is available all over the city, yet there are a few spots like the Golpark 5-point crossing on the Gariahat side and in Tollygunge. Fondly known as ‘Mach Bhaja’, the fish fry is made using small fish like Mourola (Anchovies), Parshe (Mallet), and large fish like the Rohu, and Katla. Talking about the different types of fish that Bengalis are fond of, Bhekti is the king and rules the scene here. Bhekti is also used sometimes and Basa most of the times and offered in disguise as Bhekti. Fish fry is the desi version of English Fish and Chips.  

Being grown up in a Bengali family, I was spoiled with choices yet Fish Fry was my all-time favourite snack. Kolkatans would never really mind travelling that travel extra mile to the famous ‘Mitra Café’ for a lip-smacking Fish Fry. And I remember our relatives from other parts of the city used to give us a call before they arrive so that we could bring fair share of fish fry for them beforehand. Yes, we are that crazy for our Bengali Fish Fry. 

As the Bengali New year approaches and most of the restaurants are gearing up for a great spread all across, in the bhaja bhuji section along with Fish Fry which epitomises as Kolkata food.  Different states have different recipes for the Fish Fry and no matter what is involved in the making, Fish Fry remains the best evening snack for the millennials.  

Talking about the Southern Part of the country, people here are not lagging behind when it comes to their excusive fish delicacies. Any south Indian non-vegetarian meal is incomplete without a Masala Fish Fry.  It is a very common and staple dish that is prepared throughout the coastal region of India. Often many like the small fish variety as they are tastier and crispier when it comes to fish fry. A nice spicy fish fry can be eaten on its own as an appetizer or starter or goes well with rice too. There are various ways of preparing the fish fry using different ingredients and spices to suit your taste.  Watch Fish Fry challenge on Eattreat Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJzDZaMp6fk

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