Drinks for Rainy Days

Drinks to Spice up Your Life in Rainy Days

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Now the rain is back in full force!  Due to this, the weather is going cold and desire comes to get warm up with a hot drink. If you think that besides a cup of coffee and masala tea, there is nothing else, you are mistakenly wrong. According to BKC Dive, varieties of cocktails such as Anar Ka Cocktail and Desi Martini are essential in Monsoon.

Usually, Whisky & Rum work as the key element for monsoon special cocktails just because of their body temperature raising properties, said by “Mixologist Sean Silveira”. More so, they give them a fruity flavor to make sure they are refreshing and smooth.  Therefore, the monsoon is making you off, simply take heady mixes that will work as a mood changer! Have a look at some of these comforting beverages to liven up rainy days.

Pomegranate Gin Fizz

Gin, thyme, and Pomegranate make for a strong combination in this drink. This invention is a right mixture for those who not only like refreshment in their drinks but also something that keeps them warm, said by Nayan Singh (Beverage Manager, Global Junction). Thyme and Pomegranate give bracing element and gin keeps us warm.

Plzz Chai This

It’s like a boozy makeover of iced tea combines vodka with cinnamon-infused black tea, triple sec, fresh citrus and peach puree. In monsoon, vodka helps to aid your digestion and minimize the probability of hypertension and disease.

Is it not amazing?


Pepperita keeps you warm up with the use of bell pepper, lime juice, and tequila.

Gavati Cha

This tea with lemongrass and a mixture of herbs and spices is the potent blend to warm up during rainy days. More so, Gavati Cha magnifies metabolism and acts as a detoxifier.

Ayurvedic Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy

The hot toddy is an ultimate alloy of herbs and spice infused brandy with house citrus sour. Must try once!

Geeta Babita

This name is so funny…lol

Anyways, it is cooling kokam syrup mixed with gin, cumin spice syrup and spiced with black salt and chaat masala.

Must-have in the rain!

Baileys Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate

It is made with the use of hot chocolate, Bailey’s original Irish cream liqueur, and whipped cream. Must have in those days when you want to chase the blues away!

Captain’s Magic

Captain’s magic is the flavorful brew of lime juice, honey and Captain Morgan spiced rum which is topped with the use of boiling hot apple cider. In short, a beverage that fulfills various things at once. Culinary Director Cyrus Irani says “Indeed, it soothes and cheers both soul and body as well as it keeps you warm in all the way through!

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