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Enjoy the Best Fish Fry in Delhi

Practically every one of us have eaten this at a restaurant, at home or even in the streets. Let me take you back to the authentic street food king that is ruling the heart of Bengalis ever since they know about it. Fish Fry is the flag-bearer of street food in Kolkata. Like how many of you are aware of the secret of perfect crispy breaded Fish…

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Navratri 2018: Tempting Navratri Special Foods You Can Enjoy During Fasting

It is the time of Navratri 2018, when idols of Maa Durga are decorated with chunni, bangles, flowers and kumkum. Morning Aarti are offered accompanied through synchronized bells. In Sanskrit, the word ‘Navratri’ defined into ‘nine nights’. These nine days are devoted to Goddess Durga. During these precious nine days, devotees pursue blessings and pray to the nine ways of…

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8 Cafes in Ahmedabad to Spend Quality Time with Your BFFs

These days, it has become highly essential to be able to find cafes that have their own personality, charm and, charisma. It has become an avoidable requirement to maintain personal and professional relations. The happiness being emerged in relations drive away the stress and increases marginal productivity. Most people these days associate the style of a particular cafe with their…

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Drinks for Rainy Days

Drinks to Spice up Your Life in Rainy Days

Now the rain is back in full force!  Due to this, the weather is going cold and desire comes to get warm up with a hot drink. If you think that besides a cup of coffee and masala tea, there is nothing else, you are mistakenly wrong. According to BKC Dive, varieties of cocktails such as Anar Ka Cocktail and…

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