6 Friendly Reminders on How to Make Lingerie Last Longer

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Finding the right bra is a trying process and making them last for several months or years is a new level of challenge. If women buy high-quality garments, it is expected that they should take care of it and try to keep them for as long as they want.

But the question here is, how to make the lingerie last a long time? Corporate Lawyers, here are some tips you can follow:


Gentle hand wash them

Don’t put your bras in on a regular cycle because it will add to the wear and tear your bras experience in the wash. Always wash your bras on the gentle or delicate cycles, preferably with cold water and wash powder. Gentle cycles keep elastic intact and it will definitely protect any lace, bedazzling, or fancy extras on your bra safe.



Use a mesh bag

If you have never seen a laundry bag before, they are the small mesh bags, usually with a zipper, that you should be throwing your undergarment such as baby doll lingerie into every time you wash them. They keep your bras from being battered by the other clothes in the wash, stop your bras from getting wrapped up and stretched out if they get caught on something, and also stop the hooks from snagging on other clothing.


Use the right wash powder

You can take all the precautions possible for protecting your bras in the wash, but if you do not use a good wash powder, all the effort will be useless. You need a detergent that will get the bras clean, without doing damage to the delicate fabrics of the beautiful lingerie you got there. Look for something with “gentle” on the label, or skip the detergent aisle entirely and use a mild soap specially formulated to be gentle enough for babies and anyone with allergies or sensitive skin.



Keep several lingerie on rotation

If you wear your favorite bra all day every day, it is probably time to go shopping and get a few more that you love. Many of us are guilty of this bra scenario. Truth is, you should never wear the same bra two days in a row. Why? Elastic needs time to get back into shape, so your bras can lose shape if they do not have time to breathe. If you keep several bras in the rotation will give them a chance to rest. This also preserves the elastic in the band and straps, which is essential to the performance of your bra.



Hang dry them

Do not ever put your negligees in the dryer. The heat breaks down the elastic and can melt the underwire casing, resulting in a misshapen bra that hardly fits like it did before. After you wash your bras, reshape the cups and hang the bra to dry by the band, not the straps. If you hang it by the straps, the bottom of the bra becomes waterlogged, pulling on the straps and stretching them out.



Wash the bra after 2 to 3 times of wearing it

Over-washing your bras can also shorten their lifespan. Ideally, you should wash them after every two to three years so they stay clean but in good condition. During the summer months or after heavy activity, do keep in mind that you might want to wash your bras more often.

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